What software do you install on teacher laptops?

27 04 2008

We are currently working on next year’s image for teacher laptops. Part of this process involves installing software programs that we feel would be valuable for teachers to have, as well as removing as much proprietary software as possible (trial Internet services, bloated image editing and scanning software, crippled CD burning software, software update managers, time-limited anti-virus programs). Other than the MS Office suite and anti-virus software, I usually look to freeware or open-source programs for additional functionality. Some of the software I have included in images in the past includes:

  1. Fox IT PDF Reader
  2. Adobe/Macromedia Flash Reader and Shockwave player
  3. Audacity
  4. Firefox
  5. JRE
  6. Skype
  7. Google Earth
  8. Codec packs to allow teachers to view and listen to divX, mp4, ogg, etc…
  9. GIMP or another photo editor
  10. VLC player

I would really like to hear what others are including on teacher laptops. Do you use freeware programs? Or do you prefer to use commercial products? What software could your teachers simply not live without? And what software causes you (and your teachers) the most frustration?




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