Gmail, Hotmail, and school email, oh my!

18 02 2008

I use school email to communicate with staff and students.
I use GMAIL to communicate with everyone else.

  • Gmail has 6GB or storage space. This is more than 20 times the maximum allowed by our email system. I have more than 15000 emails, many with attachments, in my Gmail account, and I am only using 20 percent of my quota. I NEVER have to delete email from my Gmail account.
  • If I leave my current school, I lose my email account. That means all of the contacts and emails I had are potentially lost. That’s fine for school related emails, but I don’t want to lose important contacts and emails from friends and family.
  • I receive some very important emails of a personal nature. I don’t want to have to remember to contact all of these companies to update my email address when I leave my employer. I only use my Gmail email address so there is no worry about losing an important email in the future.
  • Gmail has a great spam filtering system. I receive more than 300 spam messages a day to my gmail account, but the spam filter catches all of it.
  • Finally, I can send and receive attachments of up to 20MB in size. Our server configuration limits the size of attachments.

Before you rush out to sign up for a Gmail account, there are lots of other free web-based email providers out there. Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses are fine too and have many of the same benefits as using Gmail.








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24 02 2008

I have migrated the mail for my personal domain to Google hosted mail, and it works great — all the benefits of GMail on one’s own domain. Some schools are considering moving all their school mail accounts to GMail.


24 02 2008

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your comments.

I wish I had the option of moving my student email accounts from locally hosted accounts to Gmail, but unfortunately, internet access is not reliable and is rather slow. Knowing that the students can still access their email accounts, even when internet access is down, is critical. Plus, we are a not a non-profit school, so we would be looking at $50/user per year, which would get rather expensive, or alternatively, going with the Standard version which doesn’t provide the functionality we need.


25 07 2008

but with hotmail, watch out for emails dissapearing for no apparent reason!! occasionally, emails between hotmail and another internet provider with an attatchment mysteriously go missing and no one knows!! there is no postmaster returned mail and the reciopient has no idea that a message was ever sent. it only happens with attatchments maybe about 5% of the time. But, it DOES happen. and it could be a CRUCIAL email…

i notice that it happens from certain addresses only. and only at certain times. I have no idea why, but there is no postmaster and no one is the wiser. the sender believes the message is sent and the recipient hasnt a clue there was a mail for him/her.

its just another reason to not use hotmail,,, just a shame that I opened this account 9 years ago and need to keep the address!!

17 07 2009

Do you think I am a not a non profit school so we would be looking at 50 user per year which would get rather expensive or alternatively going with the Standard version which doesn’t provide the functionality we need too?

6 03 2011

my childrens results ( sarah mujib ) (muaath mujib) thank you very much

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